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Cooperation with the Swedish company SCANIA

Among our cutormers belong also swedish company SCANIA, with which Agromotor in April 2003 started cooperate in the field of engine components renovation.


Rotating Parts

  • Grinding and welding to a diameter of 250 mm and length 1500 mm
  • Piston and piston (connecting) rod thermal spraying
  • Carbide powder coating of axle and wheel bearings up to 60 HRc
  • King pins, shafts, gears, rotors, and more...


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Connecting Rod

  • Replacement of con-rod little end bushes
  • Straightening con-rod lower bearing housing
  • Honing lower connecting rod bearing housing on SUNNEN 1804 equipment



Engine case

High quality cylinder honing-prevention of anti-seize the piston

Honing is a finishing process in the framework of the cylinder grinding, whose goal is the ideal surface of the wall of the cylinder. During the honing is grinded the diameter of cylinder to requested dimension and we create fine nicks on the surface of the cylinder. When the engine is running they capture the oil and reduce the friction of piston rings on the wall of the cylinder.

The result is that the piston rings don´t grind off the cylinder wall, better and last longer - honing therefore prevents the seizing of the piston.

In addition to honing of the cylinder liners, we carry out:

  • straightening of seating faces under the cylinder head
  • repair the lower deposition of cylinder liners ("rubber")
  • repair cracks and breakthroughs in cast iron and cast steel by method METALOCK
  • repair and honing the main bearings of the crankshaft

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Other components and parts

Repairs to worn parts due to wear-and-tear can be restored according to the same standards as the manufacturer's original specification or to customers' individual requirements.


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