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Cast iron cylinder heads

We repair cyinder heads of diesel engines

A significant amount of defects in compression-ignition (diesel) engines are associated with a damaged cylinder head of the engine. The price of a new part can be up to tens of thousand CZK.

We carry out repairs of cylinder head for engines of tractors and trucks. After the repair is the cylinder head in complete functional condition. The investment in repair is really worth it.

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Comprehensive repairs of engine heads and cylinders of tractors and trucks

We offer cylinder head repairs of diesel engines of tractors and trucks. Specifically, these service tasks:

  • a complete renovation of the motor head
  • pressure testing of heads
  • grinding and milling heads
  • pressurization and straightening of the contact surfaces
  • replacing valve guides
  • valve seat grinding and milling
  • valve seat replacement and processing (on device SUNNEN VGS-20)
  • thread repair

We provide a guarantee for each provided repair.


The crankshafts

We offer repair of crankshafts

Grinding of crankshafts

The functionality of rotating surfaces of worn crankshaft is renovated by grinding on other renovation dimension. These dimensions are mostly determined directly by manufacturers of engines and sliding bearings are produced for these relevant dimensions.

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Crankshafts defectoscopy

We check each crankshaft on the crack detector before each grinding.. We guarantee that each crankshaft that we regrind has no surface cracks that could cause it to crash.


Renovation of crankshafts

In the case that the rotary faces are worn out too much and other regring cannot be done, we renovate the functional surfaces using thermal spraying of the metal or welding of metal powder (only if this is in terms of the safety of the crankshaft). In this procedure, we will renovate the original dimension of the shaft.

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We providing grinding and renovating of the crankshafts ONLY for diesel engines of tractors, trucks and building and agricultural machines.

Engine assembly repairs

  • water pumps of ZETOR and AVIA makes
  • injection pumps of MOTORPAL make
  • alternators and dynamo
  • starters 14 and 24 V
  • compressors of ZETOR, AVIA makes
  • turbochargers
  • all assembly repairs are done by exchange way, with guarantee




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